Tradarland 1, 108 Reykjavik
tel. (+354) 820-0825

Come play on Reykjavik´s newest tennis courts this summer!   The Viking Tennis Club is located just 5 kilometers from downtown Reykjavik and we offer a comprehensive tennis program for everyone.  Tennis camps, individual / group lessons, tournaments, training camps, club memberships and court rentals are all possible.

TENNIS CAMP for children 8-16 years of age
The Viking tennis club will be conducting an entire summer of tennis camps for children, helping them to learn the basic tennis techniques, skills, rules and various games to get them started.  During the two week course, children will be able to play and compete in “mini tennis” (red court), which is the beginning stage for understanding the fundamentals of tennis.  Tennis camp is held weekdays from 9:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00.  Children should bring a lite snack and drink to consumer during the rest period and important to be dressed in accordance with the weather.    The cost for two-weeks is 18.500 kr. and includes a Wilson tennis racket and three soft tennis balls designed for children.  We offer a 10% sibling discount and a 20% discount on additional  tennis camps for the current summer.  It is also possible to sign up for just one week for 13.800 kr. as well as a trial / day visit for 3.000 kr. (racket and balls not included).

Our advanced player camp is for those children who already have tennis experience and would like to improve their competitive abilities.   Our aim is for players to work towards their physically fitness, develop their mental skills, become more tactically disciplined and improve their technical competence.    The advance player camp is from 9:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00 weekdays.  Class costs are 21.500 kr. for two weeks or 13.800 kr. for one week.   Wilson shirt and bag are included with two-week classes.

We offer a  beginner adult introductory coaching course for individuals who want to learn the basics of the sport.  Designed as a four-hour course over two weeks, students use modified equipment such as slower bouncing balls to ensure they quickly learn the game of tennis. Students will be able to serve, rally and score by the end of the course.    Each beginner course costs 10.000 kr. and we have all the equipment on-site.

We will conduct late afternoon tennis practices from May 2-24  for intermediate to advanced level players  from 16:00 – 17:30 (intermediate) and 17:30-19:00  (advanced), Mondays through Thursdays.

SUMMER MEMBERSHIP (May 1 – September 31)
Individual summer memberships are 15.000 kr. and 10.000 kr. for those 18 years of age and younger.  Family memberships (5 members) are 25.000 kr.    Individual court rental is 3.000 kr. / hour.

We offer individual and smaller group lessons.  Please contact Raj at 820-0825 or email us at info@tennis.is for more information.

The Reykjavik team championships will take place this May for players of all ages.  Competition in Mini tennis will be held for the U10 and U13 age groups, and full court play for the U14 / U18 / Open / +35 divisions.   If you are interested in playing for your club this summer, please sign up below.

Kindly fill out the necessary fields below or call tel. 820-0825, email info@tennis.is for more information.

Cost is 10.000 kr.
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Two-week courses are 10.000 kr.
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