Tennis Europe U16 2024

Practice courts
Kindly reserve practice courts here below and note the following –

  • Practice courts are for four (4) players; coaches are allowed to also practice with their players unless other players wish to play – the coach will then need to allow the player to play (with their player)
  • Players who have not reserved practice courts can always practice on courts that have less than 4 players
  • Reservations may be 30 minutes before the start of the day´s matches or in between match sessions, or 60 minutes after the day´s last matches. Any bookings that are made longer than 30 minutes before or between match sessions or longer than 60 minutes after the last matches of the day WILL BE DELETED so please follow these instructions.
  • Reservations must include at least two players names. If a coach is playing with a player, the reservation must indicate player´s name and coach. Any bookings that do not list at least two persons (example – “Smith + Jones” or “Smith + coach”) will be deleted
  • Used practice balls are available for a 10 euro deposit. New balls can be purchased for 15 euros.
  • Please note that there are two separate booking calendars here below – one for courts 1 & 2 and the other for courts 3 &4.
Courts 1 & 2
Please pick an available day

Courts 3 & 4
Please pick an available day

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